Some Natural Ways to Sleep Better

Here are some natural ways to sleep better including a recipe for a delicious smoothie. Try tart cherry juice, among other simple tips An estimated 50-70 million adults in the U.S. suffer from sleep disturbances, leaving many searching for natural, cost-effective solutions to improve sleep quality. “Getting proper sleep has never been more important – inadequate sleep is considered a risk factor for obesity, heart disease and other chronic diseases,” said Dr. Carol Ash, Director [...]

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Turning a Breech Baby

Dr. Rob Coombs by Dr. Rob Coombs I didn’t set out on a mission to turn breech babies, but that is exactly what I’m doing in my Chiropractic clinic today. My mission, as it turns out, began with a young, soon-to-be mom named Kelly who hoped I could help her low back pain. Kelly was in the midst of a divorce, working long hours to earn as much money as she could before [...]

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Snoring Solutions to Improve Relationships, Health

For many people, snoring makes a night of restful sleep a far-off dream. The noisy interruptions may even have a detrimental effect on relationships and health. More than a quarter of Americans say that a snoring bed partner makes them annoyed or angry, according to a recent survey from the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM). Forty percent of women also claim snoring in the opposite sex is a turnoff, and nearly one in [...]

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Delicious Meals that Make Hearts Happy

Easy, Delicious Meals that Make Hearts Happy Did you know that small, positive additions to your diet and lifestyle can help promote a healthier heart? Instead of denying yourself the delicious flavors you crave, try weaving a few subtle changes into your menu and you can healthfully and conveniently meet your wellness goals. Show your heart some love Besides giving meals a satisfying boost, soy-based foods are a heart-healthy addition to your diet. According to [...]

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The FAB 5 F.E.A.T.S. of Health from Newborns to Seniors

by Dr. Rob Coombs Dr. Rob Coombs   From newborn infants to senior seniors Since you can’t feel the most important organs in your body, how do you know if you are healthy? Most people subscribe to tests that look for disease and believe that not finding any diseases equals health. That’s like thinking lions don’t exist because you never see them in your neighborhood. Since more and more Americans are sick, it [...]

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Say Goodbye to Hair Loss Anxiety and Hello to a New You!

By Danielle Grillo Danielle Grillo Almost since the beginning of time women have sought out ways to improve their looks and maintain their beauty. In this day and age, with more women experiencing hair loss and thinning, it seems to be more important to them than ever. A woman’s hair is her crowning glory. It is attached to more than just her scalp; it is connected to her self-confidence and emotions, which affect [...]

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One Dream + One Challenge = One Life Changing Moment

By Diane Vitillo Diane Vitillo, MS, OTR, PTA, CAPS I am a polio survivor. I’m also a dreamer. Perhaps that’s why over the last two decades in my career in the rehabilitation profession I have tried my best to develop innovative ways for my patients to complete meaningful tasks that are problematic for them due to their disability. Since I was 4 years old, I have not had the use of my right shoulder [...]

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Charging Ahead through Cancer

A Jersey Shore writer is determined to give other people hope during life’s setbacks Gwen Moran Gwen Moran has never shied away from a challenge. When she started working at Random House after graduating from Syracuse University, she was promoted to manager in less than two years. She launched her first business at age 26 and, four years later, was named one of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” [...]

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