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What a Dermatologist Wants You to Know

Many of us can relate to these scenarios: It's the morning of a big presentation or a special event, and all of a sudden, bumps or pimples appear on your face; add a glass of wine later in the day and your cheeks take on a bright red color, beyond what could be considered a rosy glow. These occurrences can be stressful for anyone. But for an estimated 16 million Americans, they are more than [...]

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What is Your Haironality this spring?

Short, Sassy, Swaying and Sexy are the styles being created this spring, enhanced with hair color created as an art form with Beth Minardi Signature Hair Color. Elaine Maitland Master Colorist The Length of Hair The long bob can hang somewhere between your chin and collar bone, some versions are more graduated which should be subtle. The Layers They must be invisible and if you create too many they become choppy. The secret [...]

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5 Pro Tips to Help Keep You a Spring Chicken

The best way to hold onto your youth is to start early with a consistent and daily skin care regimen. However, if years have slipped away in what seems like the passing of seasons, here are 5 pieces of advice to help you regain that youthful appearance: 1. Wash less. We live in what I call a ‘scrub-happy’ society, in which women feel that taking away layers of their skin will result in new flaw-less [...]

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Pant Styles for Fresh Spring and Summer Looks

Spring is almost here and with it comes the need for new spring and summer fashions. By now you're reviewing your closet and have determined you have absolutely nothing to wear. For this reason, the changing season means it's time to go shopping and update your wardrobe with this spring and summer's must haves. You could spend a lot of money purchasing all new clothes that will keep you comfortable and cool, or you can [...]

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You Nailed It! Tips for great looking nails.

Tips for perfectly pretty nails Nails have become the ultimate form of self-expression in beauty. From classic French manicures and gel finishes to elaborate designs and bold neons, nails reflect your own unique style. This season, make sure your tips are healthy and perfectly polished to enhance your overall appearance. Polish Your Look Whether you want a pop of color to match a new outfit or a subdued nude overlay, a perfect polish is the [...]

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The Start of a New Year is a Good Time to Try a New Look

By Elaine Maitand Have you discovered your ‘hair-onality’? Your hairstyle needs some resolutions as we enter a new season in our lives. Just as our personalities evolve with everyday life circumstances, so does our hair. Hair Styling: Hair changes can be very subtle or very extreme and can be accomplished with new haircutting techniques such as disconnection or cut outs, allowing for softer looks and increasing volume especially in fine hair. The use of cutout [...]

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Vanity 101: ‘Experience’ Your Best Skin in 2015

By LeighAnn Borrelli Leigh Ann Borrelli Recently, I read an article chronicling a proven study that "experiences are better than possessions." The study states that, "people are less satisfied with material purchases because they are more likely to second-guess what they could have had." Researchers found that "people get more enduring happiness from their experiences than their possessions." In a New Year, it's a common resolution to focus on a 'new you'; and [...]

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Say Goodbye to Hair Loss Anxiety and Hello to a New You!

By Danielle Grillo Danielle Grillo Almost since the beginning of time women have sought out ways to improve their looks and maintain their beauty. In this day and age, with more women experiencing hair loss and thinning, it seems to be more important to them than ever. A woman’s hair is her crowning glory. It is attached to more than just her scalp; it is connected to her self-confidence and emotions, which affect [...]

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