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What Does Your Haircolor Say About You?

Today’s fashion is inspiring for hair as textiles and abstract paintings are so inspiring, allowing me to look at styling hair with a more organic and abstract eye. This year it is all about enhancing natural beauty, especially curls, and you will be seeing length in shags and movement in haircuts. What’s your hair personality? Silver.  Illumination and reflection.  This color is for star gazers old souls and advice givers. Blue.  Trust and Responsibility. This color [...]

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Anti-Aging Hair Color and Style Strategies

Anti-aging color and style strategies that will have you looking and feeling younger. How to create volumized hair The vibrant kaleidoscope of red, yellow and brown pigments of copper add the illusion of depth to thin strands of hair. Create a shadow effect by painting dark red onto roots and a lighter strawberry blonde from mid-length to the ends. Stack layers at the crown make the hair appear more voluminous.   The following are some [...]

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Matching your Hair Color and Hair Style with your Personality

What is your Haironality™ ? by Elaine Maitland When hairstyle is created with customized hair color and it exudes one’s personality! The transition of bringing one’s inner beauty to collaborate with one’s outer beauty.   This transition builds one’s confidence and creates a better perception of themselves.  You own your Haironality™, it identifies your bespoke look and exalts one’s spirit and feeds the body and soul through the seasons of one’s evolving hair journey. Seasons [...]

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Comfortable and Affordable Fall Fashion

When fall comes on quick and brings the cool weather with it, you can’t afford to be caught with an unprepared wardrobe. With every season change, there comes an opportunity to make sure your closet reflects your unique style. With crisp air settling in and beautiful leaves scattered on the ground, it’s about more than just a long-sleeve shirt or a football jersey – stay warm from head to toe without sacrificing a look worthy [...]

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Eliminate Hair Damage from Perms and Have Beautiful Waves

by Elaine Maitland Thanks to Olaplex, perms are better than ever and the most requested service for the Fall.  Actress Julianne Hough wears her perm beautifully. Olaplex enables the perm to reduce or even eliminate damage through the perm process which is most important for color treated hair and fine hair. Olaplex has the ability to multiply bonds throughout the entire perm process.   I highly recommend the ISO waves for fall styles.   The new mindset [...]

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An Ideal Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimen

When it comes to deep cleaning, there are two types of people – those who can obsessively and compulsively keep constant with it, and those who reserve it for once-yearly spring cleaning. These same “spring cleaning” principles can be applied to your skin care.  There are those who do TOO MUCH, TOO OFTEN with their skin; and those who think the idea of skin care is so overwhelming and full of time-consuming detail, that they [...]

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From 20s to 50s: How to Age Gracefully

When you're constantly bombarded with messages and news about the latest anti-aging treatments and methods, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. How can you maintain a skincare routine when the rules seem to be ever-changing? It might be simpler than you think. By separating the hype from reality, you can come up with a core skincare routine to perfectly suit the skin you're in. "As you age, your skin changes," says Dr. Jeanine Downie, board-certified dermatologist [...]

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What Does Your Lipstick Say About You?

What does your lipstick say about you? by Leigh Ann Borrelli   Earth tones for fall lipstick We are at the height of Fall fashion -- and this year, it's all about the lips! Just as the trees begin to shed their summer colors; so should we adorn a new look for the Fall. Deeper, rustic and earthy tones are always synonmous with autumn; and this year, bold, dark looks are taking the [...]

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Today’s Techniques of Hairpainting with Haircolor

Today’s Techniques of Hairpainting with Haircolor to Create Design and Enhance the Haircut and Style By Elaine Maitland Balayage takes into account the head shape and uses the hair to frame the face resulting in soft, sexy, versatile and femine looks. Balayage is the method of painting lightener directly onto dry, precut hair. The results give the effect of sun kissed highlights. Color Melting is created with haircolor and lightener and sometimes a glaze that [...]

July 28th, 2015|All, Hair, Summer 2015|1 Comment

Vanity 101: “Better Be Safe Than Sorry”

by Leigh Ann Borrelli With the warmer weather months coming upon us, there comes a rise in many occasions…Proms, graduations, dances; and with each passing generation beauty services seem to start at an earlier age. Nowadays, professionals are hired for Sweet 16’s, 8th grade dances and even youth recitals. Still for most, the ultimate “Big Day” for beauty is a woman’s own Wedding Day. Once all of the extensive planning, and infinite details of the [...]

July 27th, 2015|All, Fashion & Beauty, Skincare|4 Comments
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