Today’s fashion is inspiring for hair as textiles and abstract paintings are so inspiring, allowing me to look at styling hair with a more organic and abstract eye.

This year it is all about enhancing natural beauty, especially curls, and you will be seeing length in shags and movement in haircuts.

What’s your hair personality?

Silver.  Illumination and reflection.  This color is for star gazers old souls and advice givers.

Blue.  Trust and Responsibility. This color is for those who are reserved and quiet.

Magenta. Universal Harmony and Emotional Balance. This color is for those who are passionate.

Purple & Violet. Imagination and spirituality. This color is for seekers and sunset chasers.

Pink. Unconditional love and nurturing.  This color is for hopeless romantics.

Red. Energy Passion and Action. This color is for feisty spirits.