vanity 101_jersey shore womanby Leigh Ann Borrelli

With the warmer weather months coming upon us, there comes a rise in many occasions…Proms, graduations, dances; and with each passing generation beauty services seem to start at an earlier age.

Nowadays, professionals are hired for Sweet 16’s, 8th grade dances and even youth recitals. Still for most, the ultimate “Big Day” for beauty is a woman’s own Wedding Day.

Once all of the extensive planning, and infinite details of the day itself have been completed; that leaves the last, and arguably most important piece of the puzzle left – the Bride. But even when it comes to the pampering portion of the festivities, there should likewise be some pre-planning, in order to ensure a flawless and stress-free transition from ‘everyday natural beauty’ to ‘blushing Bride.’

The following professional beauty treatments should always be done in trial-form first, months before ANY significant occasion, in order to make certain that the outcome is “for better” and not “for worse”:

Hair & Makeup
If 364 days a year you wear little-to-no makeup with hair in a bun, your Wedding Day is not the one day to go ‘from zero to Jersey-licious.’ Hair and makeup should be enough to enhance your existing beauty, but provide a little something extra, making you appear to be the best version of yourself. Whether you are a natural beauty, or a fashion-forward trendsetter, your look should reflect what you are most comfortable with.

False lashes are a great way to make one of your best features pop in photos, without having to apply heavy eye makeup. Whether it be a strip, clusters, or individual extensions; always try different lashes first, to fit your comfort level.

Facial Treatments
A good basic facial will give a beautiful glow to your skin for days after, and show the look of healthy new skin in photos. However, take a trial run in order to observe any unwanted reaction.

Be sure to use a waxing professional that you trust (or you’ll need a trusty Makeup Artist to fill in your missing brows!) If you tend to get red or break out, designate some significant healing time in advance.
Note: If you have started a new dermatologist-prescribed, skin-clearing medication prior to the Wedding, be sure to let your waxing technician know. YOU CAN NOT WAX while using RetinA, or the like. Doing so will result in a scar where the wax was removed.

Tanning/Spray Tanning
It is no secret that tanning beds prove to be harmful, and many have converted over to self or spray tanning. Some revert back due to an upcoming occasion, like a Wedding. In both instances, timing is key to ensure that you are neither burnt from bulbs, nor faded from faux by the time the big day arrives.

Teeth Whitening
In rare cases, such whitening solutions can cause a reaction such as sensitivity, swelling or blistering of the mouth.

Leigh Ann is a licensed Esthetician, and owner of Face to Fase Facial Spa & Cosmetic Studio located at 44 Washington Street, Toms River.  She is a makeup and skincare columnist and a celebrity makeup artist who features her own line of Vanity 101 cosmetics and skincare.