By LeighAnn Borrelli

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Leigh Ann Borrelli

Recently, I read an article chronicling a proven study that “experiences are better than possessions.”

The study states that, “people are less satisfied with material purchases because they are more likely to second-guess what they could have had.” Researchers found that “people get more enduring happiness from their experiences than their possessions.”

In a New Year, it’s a common resolution to focus on a ‘new you’; and many women take into consideration their outward appearance — whether it be toning their bodies, shopping for a new wardrobe, or trying to be more diligent with their grooming and personal care.

In all instances in which you don’t know where to begin…where DO we turn? The media.
And, the media is well aware of our impending and ongoing search for beauty!

 They tell us:
  • Drink this shake to shed pounds
  • Wear these pants for curves
  • Carry this bag for status
  • Use this cream for youth

According to them, any issue that you are experiencing can be fixed with ‘stuff’; as is the nature of our materialistic world. However, do we feel that these things really DO work?

Let’s take skin care for example:

How many of us have bought a cream or serum solely based on the product’s television commercial, or celebrity endorsement, or write-up in a popular magazine? After you have tried it, did you truly feel that it lived up to the extravagant expectations promised to you?

More often than not, the answer is no. Why?

Vanity 101 - Skincare - Jersey Shore WomanFor the same reason that the researchers suggest. We second guess. We say, “I tried this bottle that claimed it would take away my wrinkles, and I still see them. Let me stop using this one and try the other… and another… and another.”

By the time we re-assess the situation, hundreds of dollars have been spent, and with no definitive result to speak of. Why is this?

Well, unlike your hair who likes constant change, your skin is a creature of habit. It likes consistency.

Consider this comparison between your skin and your hair as an example:

Does your hair hurt when you cut it? No.

Does your skin hurt when you cut it? Yes! Because your hair is dead, and your skin is very much alive. Not only is it alive, but it is the largest organ of your body and needs continual special care.

So, what then, would be the best way to both care for your skin; and finally give you the results you are looking for — all while providing an enjoyable ‘experience’ as researchers suggest is the most beneficial? A regular facial treatment regimen.

At Face to Fase – Facial Spa & Cosmetic Studio, we are a non-sales based spa that offers special pricing for monthly facial clients. We do so because consistency is the key ingredient in results. Whether it be helping teens avoid or come off of skin medications for acne; to calming rosacea; to plumping and firming maturing skin — we have succeeded overwhelmingly in the overall look and feel of our clients’ skin, all while providing that studied and proven “enduring happiness” that our minds and bodies are yearning for.

If you are looking for something ‘new’, this year, why not try a new experience? If the ‘things’ have not proven their value to you — value your own time with relaxation and results.

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