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How to Use the Law of Attraction on LinkedIn

by Lisa Kanda

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could attract the perfect client or job to you rather than you trying to find it? Is it possible to use the Law of Attraction on LinkedIn? Simply, the Law of Attraction states that you attract to you where you put the most focus. The obvious is to focus on the things you want more of in your life. While you might correlate using the Law of Attraction to situations in your personal life, it is possible to apply the same thinking to attracting what you would like to achieve in your business and professional career by using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the professional social media platform focused on helping you get more for your business and your career. So why wouldn’t it make sense to use the same concepts to attract more of what you want through your connections and communication on LinkedIn?

The suggestion is for you to use LinkedIn to maximize your profile and interactions to attract what you most want. LinkedIn predominantly helps people improve their business, career and/or their personal brand. To focus on the right things, you need to put the effort in the right places.

Know Your Intentions – Set Your Goals

For the Law of Attraction to work you must know where you want to put your focus. Be very specific on what you would like to have happen by using LinkedIn. Do you want to find new clients and prospects? Are you looking for a new job or changing careers? Are you building a personal brand to be known as an expert that may lead to speaking engagements etc.? Write down your intentions for clarity in your actions by creating a LinkedIn plan of action. Be dedicated to setting time and taking action to use LinkedIn, if not daily, several times a week.

Communicate What You Want – Optimize Your Profile

All sections of your LinkedIn profile should be completed. Important areas of focus for the Law of Attraction include your photo, headline and summary section. Your photo should be professional and clearly connect with your intentions. That means a professional headshot with the correct lighting and wearing appropriate clothing. If you can add something to help you stand out, such as adding authority logos from media where you’ve appeared, do it.

If you haven’t customized your headline, it will default to the current job title you hold. How can you create a message that will attract someone to look at your profile more closely? Change your headline to specify how you solve problems for your clients or in your job. You want to attract those who will see how you can help them.

Use the summary section to expand on how you solve problems. The focus of your summary should be about your target market and what benefit you can bring to them. You can use this space to differentiate yourself from your competition and demonstrate what you can offer. This is not a place to re-hash what is in your resume or experience section. Include links to your work and web site and make sure you include a call to action. You can offer a subscription to your newsletter or provide your email or phone number to contact you directly.

Attract What You Want – Bring Value to Your Connections

In order to get, you must first give. To attract your ideal customer or job, you need to be seen as someone interested in others. Take the time to comment, share, or like the posts from your connections. Be strategic and create a list of those you want to take notice of your interaction with their posts. Share content either in status updates or by writing long posts using LinkedIn’s publishing tool. Join and interact with groups that are focused on people you want to meet (related to your goals, prospects, referral sources, specific industries etc.) Become a top contributor by adding value to your groups and sharing your expertise. Set your intentions on helping others and caring about your connections.

Show Gratitude – Seeing Results

Results will differ depending on your commitment level, but make sure you acknowledge when someone asks you to connect, sends you a message, or comments, likes or shares your posts. Saying thank you is simple yet adds another point of connection.

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