Dr. Rob Coombs

Dr. Rob Coombs

by Dr. Rob Coombs

I didn’t set out on a mission to turn breech babies, but that is exactly what I’m doing in my Chiropractic clinic today. My mission, as it turns out, began with a young, soon-to-be mom named Kelly who hoped I could help her low back pain. Kelly was in the midst of a divorce, working long hours to earn as much money as she could before having her baby and was extremely stressed and in a lot of pain. I tried everything I could to help her, including eventually changing the way I practiced.

Early into Kelly’s pregnancy care plan, an ultrasound revealed that her baby was breech. While the adjustments I was administering helped significantly reduce her back pain and improve her quality of sleep, her real concern was the health of her baby and the risks associated with the breech presentation. Kelly was taking Bradley© Natural Childbirth Classes and was very upset at the idea of having a C-section. She thought she didn’t have any alternatives until she shared her concerns with me.

During our conversation I told her I was familiar with the Webster Breech Turning Technique© that could possibly result in a natural vaginal delivery that she desired. While not certified at the time, I began the advanced hands-on certification training in order to begin helping Kelly immediately. Little did I realize our conversation would have such an impactful effect on me and the future of my practice.

Kelly noticed results immediately. I used traditional chiropractic care to align her pelvis and relax her muscles, and the Webster Technique© to align her uterine ligaments. The ligaments help hold the uterus in the center of the abdomen and keep the baby from jostling around throughout pregnancy. If the ligaments are out of balance, the tension may be enough to prevent a breech baby from comfortably aligning in the normal head down position.

During the process, I saw Kelly three times a week. I gave her stretches and exercises to do at home and worked to balance her pelvis and abdomen each visit, comparing where she had been to where she ought to be. Each visit, we would talk about her birth plan and the importance of belly-button breathing, especially during labor. We discussed her daily exercise routine, patterned sleep habits, healthful food choices and emotional stress. Around the 7th visit, I could feel a significant difference in the baby’s positioning and sent Kelly to her OBGYN to get an ultrasound.

On her 8th visit, Kelly greeted me with a knowing smile and a great, big hug. She excitedly described the ‘normal’ position of her baby and her cancelled C-section surgery. For the first time in over 30 weeks, Kelly finally relaxed and savored her pregnancy and the fresh new start to her life.

Kelly continued to see me once a week to ensure her baby’s position was ideal throughout the rest of her pregnancy and would be born as nature intended. To this day, I enjoy adjusting Kelly, her new husband and her son, Ryan. Ryan doesn’t know it yet but I am eternally grateful to him; he helped inspire me to become certified in the Webster Technique© which has already allowed me to change more lives than I could ever imagine!

Having turned over 90% of the breech babies that present in my office for care, many Midwives & OBGYNs are referring their patients to us before planning for a C-Section.

You can learn more about the Webster Technique© and the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy by contacting Dr. Coombs office at 732-899-9600 or visit www.coombschiropractic.com