Whether you are newly dating or married for years:  Top ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day for any relationship stage.

Whether you’re smitten after dating for only a month or your relationship has a soothing rhythm after many years of marriage, your affections deserve to be celebrated this Valentine’s Day. Finding the perfect way to say you care, however, is often easier said than done. Stop stressing and consider these top trends and unique gift ideas, all custom-fitted to the length of your relationship.

The smitten kitten
You’re infatuated with your new relationship and every time you go on a date, you get butterflies in your stomach. You just started dating a few weeks or months ago, but you want to make sure the day is extra special.

Classic Valentine’s Day gestures are time-tested ways to show you care. Start by sending gorgeous blooms to her – such as the Hugs and Kisses bouquet from ProFlowers that contains one dozen tulips and one dozen irises. For him, go for something more masculine he can put on his desk, like the Chinese Elm Bonsai from ProPlants.

Complete the gesture by wrapping up a classic rom-com movie and plan an evening in to view it together. Give the gift along with a hand-written card when you see your new love in person – it’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

Over-the-moon in love
Lazy afternoons together, inside jokes and nicknames – you’re head over heels in love. This might be the person who you want to spend the rest of your life with, so you want to do something unique on Valentine’s Day.

Show your love how sweet you think he or she is with some decadent treats and a funValentines Day Goodies_jerseyshorewoman scavenger hunt. Plan it out at your house or another special location, writing hints for each step along the way on heart-shaped paper. This is a fun activity for both men and women.

You can opt to have one big sweet gift at the end or hide small treats along the way with each clue. The top trends for decadent Valentine’s Day sweets can be found at Shari’s Berries. From Handmade Valentine’s Love Bug Brownie Pops to unforgettable gourmet dipped strawberries, Shari’s Berries will have your love smiling and swooning over the delicious treats.

You’re recently married and still in the honeymoon phase. Planning your life together is an exciting journey and your one-of-a-kind love should be honored on Valentine’s Day.

When shopping, look for gifts that can be used long after the day is complete. Check out Personal Creations for personalized items you won’t find anywhere else. Show your cheeky side with a fun canvas print perfect for the kitchen that says “You are the eggs to my bacon” with both your names in beautiful script. For him, a customized leather watch box with his initials is a sophisticated gift – pair it with his favorite cologne or candy and he’ll grin from ear to ear.
Personalized gifts will serve as a reminder of your love every day of the year!

The endless flame
You’ve been with your partner for many years, but just because you’ve hit your stride doesn’t mean you’re any less infatuated with him or her than when you first fell in love. Keep your flame burning bright by planning an extra-special night at home for just the two of you.

Get some snacks that pair well with your favorite bottle of wine and prepare for an intimate evening. Instead of running from store to store, order the Best With Wine gift basket from Cherry Moon Farms. It features carefully curated items infused with or that complement wine, like fresh Gold and Crimson pears, award-winning cheese and decadent chocolate.

Then, spend a few hours doing something that reminds you of why you are together. You might watch your wedding video or maybe the first movie you ever saw together when you were dating. Go through old photos and have fun reminiscing. These reminders of special moments demonstrate why your love is endless and are sure to make for a very special Valentine’s Day.