Matching your Hair Color and Hair Style with your Personality

What is your Haironality™ ?

by Elaine Maitland

When hairstyle is created with customized hair color and it exudes one’s personality!

The transition of bringing one’s inner beauty to collaborate with one’s outer beauty.


This transition builds one’s confidence and creates a better perception of themselves.  You own your Haironality™, it identifies your bespoke look and exalts one’s spirit and feeds the body and soul through the seasons of one’s evolving hair journey.

Seasons of Styling

The First Season
The day you were born into this colorful world you were born with your own natural beauty along with flaws and beauty marks that identify you as an individual.

Before Balayage

The Second Season 
Youthful years that grow into more mature beauty starts developing along with changes in your biological hair color to fun color and style that are created to go from your work day into evening fun.

The Third Season
Your look and style become truer to yourself and haircut and the color is created as an art form to be more anti-aging.  Dimensional hair color and softer styles are used to compliment your skin tone.

The Fourth Season

After Balayage

Free to be!  Natural silver and gray enhanced with glosses for shine and softness. Hair color and style are more customized to your lifestyle with lower maintenance.

The colors and styles of one’s hair is a creative art form experience.

The beauty of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet of the great worth in God’s sight.  1 Peter 3:4



“Before” Violet Painting on dark brown hair.

violet hairpainting

“After” Violet painting on dark brown hair.











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