What does your lipstick say about you?

by Leigh Ann Borrelli


Earth tones for fall lipstick

We are at the height of Fall fashion — and this year, it’s all about the lips!

Just as the trees begin to shed their summer colors; so should we adorn a new look for the Fall.

Deeper, rustic and earthy tones are always synonmous with autumn; and this year, bold, dark looks are taking the season by storm.
But beyond the color wheel; whether you are a daring trendsetter, or are more conservative in your makeup shades; other things like your lipstick shape can also tell much about your personality.
Follow our chart of lipstick tips, in our short & fun Lipstick Personality Test to see where you fit in!

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Lipstick Personality Test

Lipstick says a lot more about a woman than just what her favorite lip color is.The shape of her lipstick can tell much about her personality! Follow our chart of lipstick tips to see where YOU fit in… and Enjoy!


 # 1 – Close to the Original Tip

lipstick 1

You are likely – A rule abider. Great follower. Non attention seeking. Slightly self-conscious. Somewhat reserved. Living by a schedule.




# 2 – Rounded, Smooth Tip

lipstick 2

You are likely – Easy going. Even-tempered. A Peacemaker. Likable. Generous.





# 3 – Sharp-Angled Tip

Lipstick 3

You are likely – Opinionated. High-spirited. Selective of Friends. Argumentative. Sometimes Attention-Seeking.




# 4 – Sharp-Angled, Curved Tip

lipstick 4

You are likely – Creative. Enthusiastic. Energetic. Talkative. Attention Loving. Fall In Love Easily. Helpful. Not Fond of Schedules, But You Need One.




#5 – Tip Rounded to a Point

lipstick 5

You are likely – Lovable. Family Oriented. A “Do-er.” An Order Giver. Domestic. Sometimes an Exaggerator. Happy with People Around You.




#6 – Flat Top

lipstick 6

You are likely – To the point. Possessing High Morals. Needing of Approval. Careful About Appearances. Dependable. Conservative. Love a Challenge. Quick Minded.




# 7 – Flat Top Concave

lipstick 7

You are likely – Inquisitive. Adventurous. Complex. Exciting. A “Prober.” Make Friends Easily.





# 8 – Sharp-Angles Both Sides

lipstick 8

You are likely – Spiritual. Curious. Mysterious. Possessing a Slight Ego. Faithful. Lover of Life.





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Leigh Ann Borrelli

Leigh Ann is a licensed Esthetician and owner of Face to Fase Facial Spa & Cosmetic Studio located at 44 Washington Street, Toms River.  She is a makeup and skincare columnist and celebrity makeup artist who features her own line of Vanity 101 Cosmetics and Skincare.