Dedication to Her Patients and the Community

Dr Susan Nemiroff

Dr. Susan Nemiroff

When Dr. Susan Nemiroff, known as Dr. Sue to her patients, first started attending Douglas College, she never knew she would end up a Chiropractor.
While attending Douglass College of Rutgers University, Dr. Sue needed a summer job. She decided to take a position working for a chiropractor and fell in love with the profession. Upon graduation from Douglass, she went to Life University in Marietta, GA to become a Doctor of Chiropractic.

This June she will have been practicing for 15 years. She has been actively taking care of many families in New Jersey. Using a variety of full-spine techniques, Dr. Sue addresses the individual health concerns of each patient of hers, from newborns through senior citizens. Taking a whole-body approach, she will also discuss nutrition, exercise and daily tips to keep the mind in check and keep toxins at a minimum as she helps each patient achieve their maximum health potential.

Dr. Sue keeps busy in the community. She is the president elect for the Point Pleasant Beach Rotary taking office July 1st and has received the prestigious Paul Harris award from her club. Additionally, she has been voted in to the Board of Directors for the Point Pleasant Beach Chamber of Commerce for 2015 and has become very active with the Point Borough, Brick Township and Jersey Shore Chambers as well.

For any woman thinking of going into business, Dr. Sue says, “if you have the chance to do so, take it. It is possible to have a business and still have a family. I have a 3 ½ year old daughter who sees that both Mom and Dad have businesses and still have time to be a family, so she can do the same.” She adds, “I would like to think I would have gone out on my own earlier than I did, but all of my experiences have made me the person I am today and I like who I am.”

Some people are already in business and finding it’s not all they had dreamed it to be and they are struggling. “Think outside the box if you have to. Step back and evaluate what you have versus what you need to move forward and make a plan to get there. If it is worth having, it is worth fighting for,” she said. “Business is hard, you just have to keep going and when one opportunity stops being the right fit, you need to adapt and capture the next one. If you love what you do, like I do, you just roll with the punches and keep going after your dreams of success.”

Dr. Sue has surrounded herself with successful people at the Jersey Shore Wellness Center. She believes it is critical to have “open communication with every staff member no matter what their position is. You don’t have to all agree, but you have to be able to discuss with mutual respect for one another. If you have that, you can fix any problems that may arise and open communication with my business partner, Dr. Tony Garrow. Working together makes any task manageable,” she says.

Dr. Sue and her husband Dr. Lance Nemiroff met at Life University. In 2010, they were awarded Triathlete Couple of the Year by the Jersey Shore Triathlon Club where she currently serves on the Board of Directors. The Doctors Nemiroff have been married for over 13 years and have a beautiful young daughter Charlene. Dr. Sue is very family-focused, and with her busy schedule, she makes sure to enjoy life’s little moments!

Dr. Sue smiles and says, “I have reached a happy balance (most times) of being Mom and Chiropractor. Both jobs are equally as important to me and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Jersey Shore Wellness Center
Dr. Nemiroff and Dr. Tony Garrow, who is the owner of Garrow Family Chiropractic in Sea Girt/Wall area for 16 years, have teamed up to open the Jersey Shore Wellness Center in Pt. Pleasant. The Center offers a range of services that include Chiropractic, weight loss, massage therapy and in the near future will add acupuncture and physical therapy. Some of the conditions and symptoms they work with are neck, back, shoulder, knee and wrist pain, Sciatica, headaches and more.

Dr. Nemiroff and Dr. Garrow are the Official Chiropractors of New Jersey’s Sky Blue FC professional women’s soccer team. “We have worked with several different professional sports teams in the past, but working with Sky Blue FC has far been our best experience,” Dr. Garrow stated. “The team and their support staff are so great to work with, and we look forward to helping them have a great season.”

The Jersey Shore Wellness Center can be reached at 732-892-0485. They are located at 3001-3003 Route 88, Point Pleasant, NJ.