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When it comes to deep cleaning, there are two types of people – those who can obsessively and compulsively keep constant with it, and those who reserve it for once-yearly spring cleaning.

These same “spring cleaning” principles can be applied to your skin care.  There are those who do TOO MUCH, TOO OFTEN with their skin; and those who think the idea of skin care is so overwhelming and full of time-consuming detail, that they reserve it for only once in a while.  One of these two has a much better result in their complexion, (and you may be surprised to know the answer!)

Too much emphasis has been put on keeping clean when it comes to your skin.  Similarly to the infrequency of yearly spring cleaning; by doing LESS to your face, you will actually see a much better long term result.

Multiple face washing, constant scrubbing, heat steaming, de-clogging – they are, in fact, as harsh as they sound … which is why these should only be reserved for your drains & toilets, and not the delicate skin of your face.

These are the truths that the constant-cleaners need to recognize:

*Cleansing (more than once a day) and toning, deplete your natural oils; which in turn, lead to premature wrinkling.

*Steaming and exfoliating will break down the delicate skin of your face, leading to broken capillaries and an uneven skin tone.

*Picking and pore extracting lead to scarring and will sometimes mimic the look of acne.

Recently, I saw a news study which polled a focus group of women on their skin care products.  The study determined that women are using an average of 12 products on their skin daily. (And were still unhappy with their results!).  There is a definite reason that they are not seeing results — layering products is futile, because whatever you first apply after cleansing is the only thing that will be most effective.

The following are our suggestions for an ideal anti-aging skin care regimen for anyone over 18; consisting only of 3 products:

1) A soap-free cleanser. Think of all of the times we see commercials on TV of someone battling “soap scum” on their shower walls — the same is true for your face.  Soaps on the face will seep into the pores, and harden up under the skin; giving a bumpy look and feel to the skin.   A soap-free cleanser is non-drying, and non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging); ensuring fewer blackheads, and a look of smaller pores.

2) Eye cream. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest of your body and if that area is not kept constantly hydrated; it will begin to appear wrinkled, and will be one of the first areas to make it look as though you are “aging.”

3) Moisturizer.  Moisture is the key to anti-aging.  It not only re-balances the loss of natural oils from washing, but it also acts as a barrier from environmental factors, and makeup; both of which can be damaging if seeped directly into the skin.

Here are 3 items to get rid of during your spring cleaning:

  • Makeup wipes
  • Clarisonic brush  (scrubbing brush)
  • Magnifying mirror

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Leigh Ann Borrelli

Celebrity makeup artist, Leigh Ann Borrelli is a licensed Esthetician who features her own line of cosmetics and skincare “Vanity 101”.  

Here are just a few people from New Jersey she has had the pleasure of working with during her career: author Mary Higgins Clark, Queen Latifah, Michael Douglas, Vivica Fox,
Joe Piscopo, 103.5 KTU’s Cubby Bryant, American Idol Contestant & Apollo Winner, Stephanie Marie Hanvey.

Leigh Ann is the Owner of Face to Fase Facial Spa & Cosmetic Studio, located at 44 Washington Street, Toms River, NJ.
She can be reached at (732) 668-2181.


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