by Dr. Rob Coombs

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Dr. Rob Coombs


From newborn infants
to senior seniors

Since you can’t feel the most important organs in your body, how do you know if you are healthy? Most people subscribe to tests that look for disease and believe that not finding any diseases equals health. That’s like thinking lions don’t exist because you never see them in your neighborhood. Since more and more Americans are sick, it stands to reason that we don’t actually understand health.

Health is a state that your body is designed to maintain automatically. Symptoms of stress (like high blood pressure or cholesterol) are healthy solutions to a sick lifestyle. Do you believe your “autopilot” is lost and confused or more likely that you are making unhealthy decisions on a routine basis?

If your doctor simply recommends drugs, find a new doctor. Consider that the average 80-year-old takes 12 medications a day. My hope and goal is to help my patients stay far below that average. To accomplish this, they must make healthy lifestyle choices by adhering to the 5 F.E.A.T.S and asking wellness questions like:

What does your body require to express health?

That question alone has the capacity to redefine your life.

Health and healing require the same ingredients for pregnant moms, day-old infants, the most senior of seniors and everyone in between. Those ingredients are simple and essential. They are an absolutely requirement everyday for life and are affectionately referred to as:

The Fab 5 F.E.A.T.S. of Health:

Food that grows. It’s simple enough. If it comes in a sealed bag, it is a second tier food that promotes inflammation in your body: a hallmark of sickness and disease.

Energy. What are you passionate about? What stirs your soul? Seek out people, visit places and engage in ideas that excite you. Passion is a nutrient just like food.

Activity. Movement drives essential life functions in all animals. It is an absolute requirement to life. A recent Harvard study proved that a sedentary lifestyle steals 7 years off your life. Movement generates the energy necessary to sustain life. Just make sure you are moving and exercising in a way that produces growth, not stress (see our Cortisol vs. Growth Hormone article in the next issue for more details).

Thoughts. Happy thoughts make you smile. Sad thoughts make you cry. Guilt can make you nervous. Be careful what you allow yourself to think about – you’re capable of believing almost anything and often times that alone can make you sick!

Sleep. That is when you heal. It is the time when children grow. It is the essential ingredient to sustaining a long life. Relaxing helps too – through meditation & yoga.

Eat like you’re pregnant. Be passionate! Move like a dancer. Dream like a child. Sleep like a baby. Most of all live by the 5 F.E.A.T.S. so you can spend the last years of your life in your home, not in a home!

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Dr. Rob Coombs, DC can be reached at 732-899-9600. His office located at 2424 Bridge Avenue in Point Pleasant, NJ.