Meet:  Daryl Lynn O’Connell

Daryl Lynn O'Connell

Daryl Lynn O’Connell

Daryl Lynn O’Connell is an inspirational writer who has been writing and creating for over 10 years which granted her features in Woman’s Day, Family Circle and various other magazines. Her passion for scripting life messages has now taken her to inspirational children’s books, inspirational products, executive publishing consulting and blogging. Her writing and coaching delivers imagination, emotional support and provides tools in life that matter.

A Woman Connecting Life Messages

Submitted by:  CathyAnn Sarra, Principal, and Founder of SOCii Media

Taking on a new venture is my definition of adventure! As a business owner, there are key aspects that I look for when deciding to take on exciting projects or partnerships which allow and inspires “creativity to collide with technology.” That magical combination creates the perfect alliance for me and my firm SOCii Media Marketing! At SOCii, we believe that whether you are a subject of a negative experience, such as bullying or a major Enterprise with market share battles, inspiration is required for positive change. Daryl Lynn O’Connell embodies all the characteristics that fit into our business model. Her undying commitment to spreading connecting life messages, can not help but inspire everyone and anyone, and this among various reasons is why everyone should get to know Daryl.

There are very unique characteristics and core values that I look for when investing in building a brand and partnership. The person has to bring positivity, work ethic, fortitude and endless creativity. After countless discussions and meetings with Daryl Lynn, I knew that she was the onto something special and I felt compelled to embark on this journey with her. I had faith, and took this single idea and created a brand and a series of stories that will serve as life lessons and messages that make a mark on the world. Daryl Lynn had the dream of teaching children to pray and she needed someone to believe…I believed! After years of work, which includes a business plan, branding, website, social media, illustrations, animation, writing, publishing, product design & development, PR and four trademarks later… – The Prayer Mitten, LLC was born.

It was important to view the partnership with Daryl Lynn in several ways. She was not only just a person that could write children’s books, but she could leverage her retail industry knowledge, event promotion and charismatic personality to the forefront, of our team and clients. Daryl Lynn fits into what SOCii stands for beyond reproach, ensuring our core purpose and values, which is to bring forth inspiration to drive change that drives transformation to our clients. Daryl Lynn is now a vital team member and partner who continues to welcome coaching and teaching in the areas of Social Media and Business Development while building a following in her writing. It is with this open-mindedness and work that she gains knowledge and success. It is truly a pleasure to work alongside her as we build

It is very exciting and rewarding to see the hard work and the vision of the company come to life. It’s important to Daryl Lynn and me to have a place where people can be inspired and communicate. The website is a great place to visit and has easy navigation to stay connected with Daryl Lynn and the company. The website features a blog, and Carleigh’s VOICE, authored by her daughter, Carleigh O’Connell. The blogs are just one area where comments and conversation are welcomed. We continue to use the website as the company’s technology platform and place to visit for upcoming events, animated videos, product announcements, shopping, blogging, social media and information.

Everybody every body

We are constantly developing new and innovative ideas and are proud to see our efforts come to fruition, as we continue on this journey and announce new books and products. This summer, when Daryl Lynn, came to me as a mom first, about how to handle the media and to take care of her daughter, Carleigh, who at the time was only fourteen and dealing with an extremely negative and public experience, “The Prayer Mitten” series took on a whole new meaning. We sought refuge in Daryl’s underlying message of embracing a negative experience and creating something so much more that you and everyone can learn from. I encouraged Daryl to utilize these principals and share Carleigh’s experience with the world, by having Carleigh co-author the next book in the series, Everybody “Every Body” which will be out shortly. This teaches a positive message about body image and not to be a bystander if someone is being bullied. The third book, Soul Spoon” Vol. 3, which tackles the issue of hunger is also underway. I said to Daryl Lynn and Carleigh the other day, “I have been in IT Consulting and Marketing for many years and the work I am doing today is the most rewarding of my career!” I am proud to work with Daryl Lynn O’Connell and look forward to our inspirational future!


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