The best way to hold onto your youth is to start early with a consistent and daily skin care regimen. However, if years have slipped away in what seems like the passing of seasons, here are 5 pieces of advice to help you regain that youthful appearance:

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1. Wash less.
We live in what I call a ‘scrub-happy’ society, in which women feel that taking away layers of their skin will result in new flaw-less skin rejuvenation. This is a flaw-ed theory! Too much washing and scrubbing will lead to the depletion of oils (our own best natural moisturizers) as well as create broken capillaries and an uneven complexion. Washing your face only once a day is more than enough to keep you clean (Yes—even if you go to the gym!), and will prevent dehydration; which leads to premature aging.

2. Always Eye Cream.
Eye cream is NOT just for those with wrinkles. Waiting until you have visible wrinkling before you begin using an eye cream, as an example, is like getting a Flu shot after you’ve already had the Flu – at that point, what will it do for you…? Similarly, skin care is meant to be a preventative, before these issues arise. The skin of the eye area is thinner than that of your face, and therefore will more quickly appear aged and wrinkled if it becomes dehydrated.

3. Never Forget Your Neck.
In the same way eyes can appear to age you prematurely, your neck will always show your true age if not cared for equally. While applying your daily and nightly moisturizer, always include your neck & chest by using upward and outward motions. Remember – gravity will eventually pull everything down…we have to keep pushing our skin back up with our movements.

4. Facials.
People who get regular facial treatments in addition to keeping up with their skin care at home have a much higher success rate when it comes to anti-aging. Facials will give you an increase in circulation as well as manipulate the facial muscles through massages; both relaxing and beneficial to your delicate skin.

5. Contouring.
With age, your face will shift in many ways – widening, elongating and drooping are just some of the things we have to look forward to … Makeup, applied in just the right places can give the illusion of a more proportionate, thinner, or even more pronounced look to your best or less-than-ideal features.
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Leighann Borrelli

Leigh Ann Borrelli


Celebrity makeup artist, Leigh Ann Borrelli is a licensed Esthetician
who features her own line of cosmetics and skincare “Vanity 101”.
She is the Owner of Face to Fase Facial Spa & Cosmetic Studio in Toms River, NJ